Employment Law

Employment law is eclectic, and includes:

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  • workers’ compensation
  • unlawful discrimination
  • wrongful termination
  • wage and hour law
  • employment torts (defamation, intentional interference with economic relations, etc.)
  • Employer Liability Act claims
  • contract claims
  • third-party claims
  • issues relating to unions and collective bargaining
  • pension issues
  • health insurance issues
  • Jones Act and Longshore & Harborworkers’ Act claims
  • noncompetition agreements
  • and other issues

Here at Welch, Bruun & Green, we can help you see the “big picture” and advise and prosecute, where appropriate, discrimination, wrongful termination, noncompete, Employer Liability Act, maritime, and other claims.

No recovery, no fee.

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