Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income

These claims involve people who have medical conditions that prevent them from performing full time work for pay. The medical conditions can be because of physical problems, mental illness or in part, both physical and mental illnesses.

Filing a claim

If you believe that you qualify under either an SSD or SSI claim, forms will need to be filled out and submitted to your local Social Security Administration office. In some situations, an application can be filed by phone or via the internet. If you have questions on whether to file a social security claim or not, you should contact Welch, Bruun & Green for assistance and representation for any of your social security claim questions. Call us at 503-221-0870.

Disapproved Claim (Denial)

If your SSD/SSI claim is denied, you only have a short amount of time to file for an appeal. If your social security appeal is not filed within the time lines allowed by law, your denial will become final no matter how much evidence you have to support your social security claim. If you receive a notice disapproving your social security claim, you need to contact Welch, Bruun & Green immediately as there are deadlines for appealing your social security denial. Call us right now at 503-221-0870.
If you filed your social security application and received a notice disapproving your claim and you have filed an appeal and been denied again, you must file for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to pursue your claim further. If your request for hearing before a social security judge is not filed within the time lines for doing so, your social security claim is considered denied and this denial is final. To prevent this from occurring, for free legal consultation and assistance call us at 503-221-0870.

Proving Your Claim

The laws and rules for presenting the correct type of evidence to the Social Security Administration and to a judge can be complicated. The opinions from some physicians are more preferable than opinions from others in your social security claim. Call Welch, Bruun & Green to discuss your case. Call us at 503-221-0870.

Approved Claim

If Welch, Bruun & Green are able to obtain social security benefits for you, the Social Security Administration will determine the appropriate attorney fees to be paid to this office. If your claim is denied and remains denied even after proceeding to a hearing before a judge, there are no attorney fees due. If you have questions pertaining to your social security claim, please call Welch, Bruun & Green for a free legal consultation. Call us at 503-221-0870.

No recovery, no fee.

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