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Motor vehicle accidents usually arise because some driver was careless, drunk, they were inattentive, they were going too fast, they were distracted by their cell phone or they were intoxicated. If you are involved in a automobile accident or truck accident, and you are able to do so, be sure to get the name of the other driver involved in the accident, as well as the name of their automobile insurance company; as well as the names and contact information for witnesses, if any. Contact your own automobile insurer promptly. Also, please be sure to file a report with DMV for any accidents involving personal injury or property damage of more than a nominal amount.

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In the State of Oregon, all automobile insurance policies have “Personal Injury Protection”, or “PIP”. The PIP portion of the insurance agreement must provide at least $15,000 worth of medical bills. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and your injuries require medical treatment, you should contact your insurer right away to set up a PIP claim. Your insurer will have a lien against proceeds of recovery through settlement or judgment from the insurer for the responsible, or liable, party.

Accident Damage Assessment

Your car will likely have damage following a motor vehicle accident. You should contact both your own automobile insurance company and the responsible party’s automobile insurance company to report property damage. Unless your car is unusually high in value or is a collector’s item, your property damage claim will likely be resolved between you and the adverse insurance company – without the need for your personal injury attorney. Most property damage claims for motor vehicle accidents are dealt with directly between the owner of the car and the adverse insurance company. The reason attorneys typically do not get involved in property damage claims for motor vehicles is that the Kelly Blue Book will often be the definitive word on the value of the car. 
In some circumstances, it may be worthwhile to hire an appraiser and seek damages for diminution of value to the car. However, claims where diminished value is pursued represent only a small percentage of property damages claims in motor vehicle accidents – because in most cases it is cost ineffective to prosecute such a claim.

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